Posted by: rudekitty | November 4, 2009

Another honorary kitty

Scott Herhold of the San Jose Mercury says the mother of the screaming toddler kicked off the flight should have apologized to the airline, not the other way around.

YES! It’s about time some “real” journalist had the guts to state the obvious! Look. I don’t give a shit about your precious spawn. When I’m sitting under that airline seat in my cat carrier, I just want to sleep while the airline is humming away. Your kid screaming in my ear? Fuck that shit! Pilot kicks you and your precious tyrant off the jet? GOOD!

Look, it ain’t as if the woman couldn’t get home. She just took another flight after she got the kid calmed down. But this crap of apologizing the mother of the howling screaming little tyrant is just plain wrong. It’s MY fucking ears that were being assaulted by her spawn’s incessant howling, and it’s ME who this oh so smug and self-centered asshole mommy ought to be apologizing to, not the other way around, meow!



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