Posted by: rudekitty | October 28, 2009

Say it ain’t so, Crazy Joe!

Yes indeedy, kittens, today I get an email thanking me for my support of World Nut Daily and urging me, urging me I say, to send money to Joseph “Crazy Joe” Farah to further his crazed circle-jerk where he and a buncha right-tards are yanking each other’s puds and spurting all over each other about impeaching President Obama for, well, err, implementing the agenda that Candidate Obama had on his web site prior to his election, duh! Yessiree, that’s right, a President implementing the agenda that the majority of Americans said they wanted is worthy of impeachment in Crazy Joe’s world! And Obama doing what he said he was going to do, i.e., return us basically back to the era of Democratic domination in the 1940s-1960’s that resulted in the most prosperous America of all time, is an “unprecedented transformation of America”. So back to proven shit that works is “unprecedented”? Jesus fucking Christ on a piece of toast, is Crazy Joe crazier than that dude in the fluffy slippers and bathrobe who pushes his shopping cart back and forth while muttering to his imaginary friend, or what?!

Last week I gave Crazy Joe the “jerkwad of the week” Golden Hairball award. But Crazy Joe seems to be trying for a jerkwad of the YEAR award, between this asshattery and the whole birther bullshit his demented syphilitic “mind” dreamed up. I dunno, maybe the Golden Shower Award. Just need to find an un-neutered tomcat to give him that gift, ooh, what a bee-yoootiful odor that would be, meow!



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