Posted by: rudekitty | October 28, 2009

How do you spell “fraud”? S-C-I-E-N-T-O-L-O-G-Y

Good morning, kittens! Today we get the good news that a court has finally declared that a religion is just a fraud against its membership. It’s about time that somebody took those scamming assholes who run these “church” thingies to the woodshed! Thing is, the fucktards who wrote the French Court’s fraud ruling against the Church of Scientology side-step that by, well, calling Scientology a “cult” rather than a “religion”.

Which brings up the question, what’s the difference between a “cult” and a “religion”? Other than the fact that the founders of a “religion” are long dead, while the founders of a “cult” are either alive or only recently deceased like the hack sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard who founded the “Church” of Scientology on a bar bet with one of his editors? I mean, they’re all scams, in the end, taking advantage of gullible monkeys who want to believe that there’s something other than death waiting for them in the end. I don’t see any difference between a religion that says you’re possessed by the ghosts of long-dead aliens, and a religion that says you’re possessed by, well, a “holy ghost”. It’s all just bullshit intended to scam you out of your hard-earned dough, in the end, whether we’re talking Scientology, Holy Roller babbling bla bla la la, or Catholicism.

But dumbfucks want to keep believing that there’s something other than worms waiting for them after they’re dead. Kittens, when you’re dead, you’re motherfucking dead. That’s it. There is no “afterlife”, unless you count being worm poop as an “afterlife”. Anybody who says otherwise is fucking lying to you, and if there really was a “hell” would burn forever, but there isn’t, so instead they laugh and laugh and laugh at you stupid monkeys who refuse to live in the real world and instead insist on believing in bullshit. It’s just pathetic how much you moron monkeys want to believe bullshit like this, instead of the clear truth of your own two eyes which show that when something dies, it’s just dead, it ain’t having no goddamned orgies up in some la la land with a thousand virgins or some moronic shit like that.

And that’s all I gotta say for today, meow!



  1. do ya think monkey – well do ya – shit for brains

  2. Naw, just overactive imaginations that create too much fucking bullshit instead of lookin’ at what’s out there in front of their eyeballs. Making shit up seems to be what monkeys are good at doing, and reality? Bwahhah!


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