Posted by: rudekitty | October 23, 2009

Friday Hairball Blogging

And today, kittens, I have a very special Friday hairball blogging. Today’s recipient is getting it not because of any particular incident of assholery, but because of his whole sordid history of yanking down his pants and cumming on the truth, a sixteen year history at this point of being one of the biggest fucking jerkwads on the right. This is a guy who accused the Clintons of being murderers and drug smugglers, says that the current President is a dictator not even born in the USA, a foreign-born dictator who is pushing an un-American agenda (i.e., the agenda that was on his web site, that America elected him to implement), who was one of the first to spread the whole “birther” nonsense. And now he’s standing up and saying he has a list of names, names I say, of “known terrorists” who are Democratic Congressional staffers, channeling Joe McCarthy eerily except substituting “terrorist” for “Communist”. We’re talking about one of the premier circle-jerkers of the right wing, the one that Karl Rove and their ilk go to first when they want to spread a lie about someone, a man whose first name coincidentally is Joe just like Joe McCarthy. I am, of course, talking about Joseph Farah of World Nut Daily.

Now, Crazy Joe has been at this for sixteen years now, protected by U.S. Supreme Court rulings that say he can’t be sued for libel as long as he just prints the lies he’s told without knowing whether they’re actually accurate or not. So he simply doesn’t fact check, something which he admitted in a court of law when he made the mistake of libeling a non-public-figure (for which lesser standards of libel apply, as vs. libeling a political figure). As long as he doesn’t know whether a story is true or not, he can’t be accused of willfully and maliciously libeling the public figures that he libels, and thus under numerous Supreme Court rulings can’t be sued. After all, he’s just reporting what someone else said, it’s that someone else who did the libeling!

Still, this makes him about as ethical as a Wall Street banker, as slimy as a slime slug, and a major league fuckwad who doesn’t even have the morals of an alley cat (meow!). He claims to be a “Christian”, but of course he’s about as “Christian” as the rest of these fuckwads, who pretend to be Christian then go out and fuck the Christ up every orifice while laughing maniacally at just how many Commandments that they can break in one go. And while he pretends to be a Christian, he takes that spear and just twists it in the Christ’s body, laughing, laughing, laughing as he does everything that his supposed “holy book” tells him not to do, whether it’s making fun of the poor, lying about politicians, preaching hatred of other Americans because they don’t look like him, or preaching a gospel of selfishness that would have the Jesus Christ of the Holy Book saying “Oh my fucking God, I hereby give up on that whole turn the other cheek bullshit” and slapping ole’ Crazy Joe up, down, and around for taking His name in vain so much.

So Crazy Joe — Joseph Farah of World Net Daily: Here is your Golden Hairball Award for jerkwad of the week:

Yummy, juicy!

Yummy, juicy!

Enjoy. Oh, please direct me to your closet so I can deliver it into your best wingtips in person, meow!



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