Posted by: rudekitty | October 20, 2009

Oooh, more vicious!

So California is, like, cutting education, cutting health care for their poor, crap they almost shut down their state parks, yet is spending $130 million a year on… death row inmates who will never be executed.

One must have priorities, I suppose. Little shits who need to be educated in order to have a future? Not a priority. Killing people? Well, as honorary kitty John Cole points out, “the folks at the Death Penalty Information Center [don’t] understand how important it is to some people to be allowed to kill. It is such a priority in manly Texas that sometimes they kill innocent people for the hell of it.”

Bam! Hole in one, John! Yeah, vicious bastards get the fucking woodie from hell at the whole thought of the death penalty, especially if the poor asshole getting executed (it’s never RICH assholes, notice?) is BROWN. As for the little fuckers who aren’t getting educated ’cause of all this dough going to occasionally killing a prisoner or two rather than to schools and shit? Well, they can just grow up to become future inmates, I guess. And some people say cats are vicious, meow!



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