Posted by: rudekitty | October 18, 2009

Oooh, vicious!

Y’know, cats are vicious little critters. I mean, we have to be. We earned our way into human company by killing mousies and other critters that eat human foods and spread diseases to humans. Still, we’re not gratuitously vicious. When we’re batting that mousy around as it squeals in pain, it’s not really for fun. We’re practicing our eye-paw coordination and other skills. And when we get into squalling catfights to determine who is the leader of our pride of kitties, we don’t fight to the death. As soon as the loser has had enough, he limps off and the winner lets him go.

You monkeys on the other hand… I mean, look. Have you ever heard of cats having a World War? No? Case closed. You are some vicious nasty spiteful hooting howling shit-flinging monkeys indeed, who kill each other by the millions every year. And of all the monkeys out there, there are no monkeys more vicious, more violent, than the “American” monkeys. Just ask any of the American Indians, the ones you didn’t kill. Or the Mexicans, I mean, fuck, you guys went to war against them and stole half their country. And the Canadians… you guys tried to take Canada too in 1812, but the Canadians said “oh FUCK no, we already know what vicious fuckwads you are” and sent Mad Anthony Wayne back raving crazy to where he came from with only a small smattering of the troops he started out with. You guys go over to Iraq and kill a million Iraqis and render five million more Iraqis homeless, and what do you call it? “Liberation”. Meow! Yeah, I bet those poor fuckers who are dead or homeless feel fucking well liberated, liberated of their lives, liberated of their homes, it’s just fucking hilarious the bullshit you assholes spew to justify your nasty vicious streak! And that whole health care shit, where all the arguments against universal health care boil down to, “I don’t give a shit if Americans die, as long as I don’t have to pay higher taxes!” Because you dumbass monkeys worship those pieces of paper with pictures of dead monkeys on them, even though all they’re really useful for is kitty litter, I mean, shit, you can’t eat them, can you?

So I guess I am extra amused when you asshole monkeys get up to some even more vicious shit, and here’s the most vicious thing I’ve seen in a long, long time: 97 year old woman is homeless and living on the streets of Los Angeles. Man, you American monkeys are some really vicious bastards, y’know? And now I hear you saying, “hey, I am not vicious! It’s those other monkeys, over there!” So, you giving this woman a place in your home now, I’m sure she’d appreciate even just the sofa just to get a good night’s sleep? Hello? Hello? Anybody out there? Gosh, what’d I say to empty the place so fast?



  1. It’s not just the elderly lady, its her two sons as well.

    In a decent and moral society, they would be able to stay together and get their collective shit together.

    But this is Amurika, and a large portion of the population has lost it’s moral compass, even after saying they believe in God and he leads them down the road to redemption.

    Fucking liars.


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