Posted by: rudekitty | October 13, 2009

It’s the hypocrisy, asshole

Hey, you, Cherri Wolbrueck of Taylor, Texas. Yeah, you. You know what? You’re a fucking asshole. I bet you go around with a “Support our Troops” sticker on the back of your American car, but when it comes to supporting our injured troops? Not in your back yard, right, bitch?

Yes, I called you a bitch. You don’t like it? Fuck you and the broom you rode in on. Our veterans need help, and all you can do is bitch about how our veterans are nasty people who are disgusting and shit and you don’t want them in your community. So where the fuck do you want them? Under a goddamned bridge? Because that’s where they are now, because assholes like you don’t want to pay taxes to give them the care via the VA that they need. Yeah, you support our troops alright — but only when they don’t need your support. When they need your support, what do you do? You fucking kick the crutches out from under them, stomp on their face, and shout “die mother fucker die!” at the top of your lungs. Well, not exactly, but the evil sickening bullshit you did spew has the same damned effect, you’re stomping on our troops with hob-nailed boots and calling them evil nasty people. Shame on you. Shame shame shame. You should go put yourself in a burlap bag and drown yourself as a pathetic abortion of a human being, just a sack of reeking semen and puss masquerading as a human being.

And do you give a shit what my opinion of you is? Fuck no. You’re so fucking sanctimonious that you’re patting yourself on the back right now saying to yourself “what a rude kitty! What horrid language he uses!” and feeling all superior and shit because, well, just because. Because evil-ass fuckers like you never believe you’re evil, because, well, just because. You have an unwarranted sense of entitlement that leads you to believe that you’re entitled, entitled I say, to never have to look at the results of the senseless wars that our nation has engaged in. Well you see this uplifted paw? Yeah, that’s what I gotta say to that line of vile bullshit. You’re just a monkey with delusions of grandeur, in the end, and no more deserving than the troops you just spit on. Why don’t you go kill yourself and remove a pestulance from this planet? Or failing to do that, why don’t you apologize to the troops you just spit on, meow? Of course, you won’t do that either. Because you’re an asshole. And assholes never apologize, and never change, they’re assholes until the day they die and the worms eat into their brains. Pathetic. Just pathetic.



  1. What. A. Fucking. Cunt.

    She is what’s known as a NIMBY-Not In My BackYard. Those fuckers can kiss my hairy ass…twice even.


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