Posted by: rudekitty | October 12, 2009

And today’s honorary kitty is…

uhm… look. This is embarassing. But those fucktards from Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest outside of Jewish synagogues in New York City to condemn them for, uhm, well who the fuck knows what Fred Phelps and his gang of inbred offspring want to condemn Jews for? Shit, they condemn everybody, even soldiers (who they say deserve to die because they serve an evil and hedonistic nation, uhm, isn’t that what Osama bin Laden says too?) and, uhm, well. No kitty showed up to counter-protest. Lots of Jews and fags did, as did… err… ah… oh fuck, here’s the goddamned picture already, okay?

Okay, so it's a dog.

Okay, so it's a dog.

This is embarrassing. A dog is today’s honorary kitty! Oh yeah, this was in Brooklyn. The dog was with this lady, who had a typical Brooklyn attitude, meow!
Dat be some ATTYTOOD!

Dat be some ATTYTOOD!



  1. Aw, a doggie! Fred the Fuckwit and his ilk seriously need to do some time in a third world country..or an AID’s clinic.

    Anything to show those bastards reality.

  2. Hey Kat- left you a bit of kibble.


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