Posted by: rudekitty | October 11, 2009

Right-wing gasbags going for collective Darwin Award

Yeppers, those crazy-ass bastards Glenn Beck and Rush Limpdick, not being satisfied with getting their retard listeners all wound up about imaginary conspiracies where President Obama is going to round them all up and exterminate them in gas chambers to the point where said retard listeners are showing up at town hall meetings and shouting “keep your government hands off my Medicare!”, are now saying that… the swine flu shot is part of that conspiracy.

It is to boggle. How the fuck can so many monkeys be so damned stupid? Oh well, it’s a self-limiting problem. Assuming swine flu goes pandemic, the fucking morons who listen to Beck and Limpdick will croak like a catfish in Death Valley, flopping around as they smother to death in their own fluids, thereby increasing the collective IQ of kitty staff by 100% and winning for themselves a collective Darwin Award because they will have removed not only themselves, but their offspring, from the gene pool permanently. This kitty likes. Stupid-ass staff fucks things up way too much for this kitty’s liking, meow.



  1. I guess you could call it death by natural selection, but that would be evolution and they don’t believe in that either. But, they do believe in Death Panels and internment camps….


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