Posted by: rudekitty | October 11, 2009

I’m not fat, I’m just big-boned

Oh my eyes, my poor feline eyes! They’ll never be the same again! Uhm, no, young lady, you’re damn well fat. Look, just because they make it in your size (well, actually two sizes too small but let’s not quibble pieces of string here) don’t mean you gotta wear it. And that cake mix you’re looking at? Don’t need it. Take it from a kitty, you’re just grossing us all out with your display of porkitude.

Look, there is just no reason in the world for someone so young to have let herself go like that. This isn’t a case of body type — plenty of zaftig women out there who look rooooowr! This is a case of someone who eats 4,000 calories of fried food per day and wears a tattoo to show the world she’s so fucking bad-ass that she can eat 4,000 calories of fried food and not puke it up all over her bitchin’ “swimsuit”. She ought to be illegal under public eyesore laws, meow!



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