Posted by: rudekitty | October 9, 2009

Men in dresses

So some high poobah dress-wearing cardinal of the Catholic Church by the name of Francis George, taking time off from banging the altar boys behind the baptistry, whines atheist clubs are spring up in schools. He rants that this is horrible, horrible I say, because, well, because if everybody was an atheist then he’d run out of boys to bang and wouldn’t be able to wear dresses anymore I guess, what the fuck do I know, I’m a cat, not a monkey. It takes a monkey to believe in something that he can’t see. Cats, well, cats believe in what they can see and hear, and that’s it.

So anyhow, the cardinal is upset that kids are not only rejecting his bullshit, but they’re rejecting it in a most public manner. Heresy! he shouts. If you don’t believe in some imaginary invisible monkey in the sky, you’ll burn in some imaginary place, he shouts. Uhm, yeah. Like you see me shivering in my fur coat, do ya? Fucking asshole. He’s part of a 2,000 year old scam, and is just upset that people are wising up to his scam, is all. Getting an honest job would be a pain in the ass for the good cardinal, I mean, what kinda jobs allow a guy to have a name like Francis and wear dresses? I mean, other than the transvestite hookers down on 5th Street, anyhow, but there’s a helluva lot of competition for that gig, it ain’t as if there’s some unmet demand for transvestite hookers that’s just dyin’ for thousands of men in dresses to join their ranks! Not to mention that transvestite hookers don’t have access to little boys, I bet that makes Cardinal Francis George’s teenie wee wee just shrivel up and suck inside, thinking about no longer having access to little boys…

So it ain’t no surprise that the good(?) cardinal is panicked and spewing bullshit left and right about how bad it is that some monkeys have wised up to his 2000 year old scam. The only real surprise is that there’s some monkeys who don’t wear dresses who agree with this dipshit. Funny how easy it is to fool monkeys, eh? For critters with three pound brains, you fucking monkeys (literally, over 5,000,000,000 fucks a day, us cats are at least polite enough to wait until we’re in heat to fuck, you monkeys fuck all day every day as far as I can tell) sure are stupid.



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