Posted by: rudekitty | October 9, 2009

And for today’s Golden Hairball award…

Fox News, collectively, gets the dickwad of the week award today for their collective freak-out about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize as well as their general record of dumbfuckery over time. You’d think that they’d offer some polite congratulations — I mean, c’mon, it ain’t every day that the President of the United States of America wins the Nobel Peace Prize, even if you don’t agree with what he’s doing he’s the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA fuck yeah!, but crap, those fuctards at Faux never give up an opportunity to gather around in a manly circle and jerk off on each other while moaning with ecstasy. Some examples from their collection of ejaculations:

  • Obama wins prize for “hope”, “change”.
  • “What has Obama accomplished?”
  • It’s an “embarrassment”
  • It “devalues the prize” (Presumably when war criminal Henry Kissinger got the prize, that upped its value? Jesus fucking christ on a slice’o’toast, people, get real!).

And so on, and so forth, and on and on. You get the idea. They hates, hates, hates them some President Obama, they don’t view him as their President because, well, he’s BLACK okay? And they can’t be happy about the President of the United States of America winning a prestigious prize because they’re so full of hate that if they saw President Obama walk on water they’d run off to their keyboards to start pounding, “Black President Can’t Swim!” What a buncha bigoted fucking assholes they are, such assholes that they agree with the Taliban.

Now, the big problem with awarding something like this is that I got a limited supply of hairballs. I can’t choke one up for each and every Fox News employee. So I’m going to start at the top, Fox News head Roger Ailes. Roger, please provide directions to your closet so I can personally deliver this prize, directly into your best pair of wingtips:

Oooh, a juicy one this week!

Oooh, a juicy one this week!

Enjoy your prize, jerkwad.



  1. Hey, my kitties could donate some nice nasty hairballs to distribute to ClusterFox if you’d like them! Great post, Rude Kitty.

  2. You might be interested in giving an award to Bill O’Reilly for being a liar as well:

  3. AAA, as I mentioned today, my problem in giving out the Golden Hairball Awards is too many deserving assholes, not a shortage of them. Bill O’Liely will get his personal hairball, eventually. Maybe with falafel, meow!


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