Posted by: rudekitty | October 8, 2009

Yeah, that gun did her a lot of good

The “Pistol Packing Soccer Mom” is shot and killed by her husband.

Meleanie Hain got famous as the crazy-ass bitch who brought a gun to her daughter’s soccer games in an open-carry holster and scared the shit out of the rest of the soccer moms there. It’s unknown why the hell she packed iron to a soccer game — what, did she expect English soccer hooligans to drop out of the sky from flying saucers and start beating the shit out of her precious little Muffy? But she did, and of course the right-wingnuts stroked themselves and used up, like, half the fucking kleenex in their basement as they wanked off with Cheeto-stained fingers while drooling over the photos of Mrs. Hain in the newspaper.

So now she’s dead, shot and killed by her husband. Which brings up a point that the dumbasses who are always talking about how great guns are never go into — most murders are by close friends and / or relatives, not by strangers, and if they’re going to off your crazy ass, they ain’t gonna do it while you got your gun strapped to your waist. Unless you’re going to have that gun, like, fucking *everywhere*, even when you’re taking a shower (and how the hell are you gonna accomplish that? It’d turn into a solid piece of rust!), it’s just a penis substitute. Which makes you wonder if Mrs. Hain was subsuming some deeply held lesbian feelings, hah!

Too bad the crazy-ass bitch already reproduced. She coulda been up for a Darwin Award otherwise — did crazy ass shit to defend right to carry her own gun in public, then got offed by her own motherfucking gun! But the crazy-ass asshole now leaves three children parentless and probably scarred for life. Not that they would have grown up particularly sane anyhow — I mean, if my own momma cat had carried a pistol to my soccer games I woulda been embarrassed as hell, err, not that a cat can carry a pistol or that cats have soccer games except with your car keys to get them well under your bed so you can’t find them, understand. But there’s a helluva difference between having a crazy-ass momma who embarrasses the fuck out of you, and no momma and daddy at all. Stupid bint, that gun sure did her a lot of good, didn’t it?



  1. There ya go again – pick’in on the really stupid fuckers who have a hard time defending themselves even with their guns.


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