Posted by: rudekitty | October 6, 2009

Those silly socialist “police force” thingies!

Say what you want about those Republican dumbfucks, but at least they’re consistent in their stupidity. Take their whole anti-government anti-socialism line of bullshit. The editor of, Erick Erickson, is also a city councillor and has recommended abolishing his town’s police department if they vote to unionize.

Gosh, if I were a criminal rather than a cat, I would be overjoyed! And after Erick the Stupid abolishes the police department, he can abolish that silly socialist “fire department” thingy. And there’s this place where people can borrow (not buy!) books for free, obvious socialism, abolish the public library too! And public schools! Remember, being dumber than a box of goddamned rocks is a FEATURE in right wing cretin territory, not a FLAW. I say let them get on with making their inbred cretin states even stupider and more backward and economically depressed than they already are by eliminating socialism — *including* all the welfare payments they’re getting from states like California and Massachusetts that are subsidizing their inbred fucktard asses! Bring back the Old Confederacy for all these dumbfucks and deport the rest of the world’s assholes, dumbfucks, and general dickwads to that new country. The collective IQ of the planet Earth would go up by 100%, meow!



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