Posted by: rudekitty | October 2, 2009

Honorary kittehs

So we’ll talk about the winner of the Golden Hairball award for this week, but first, let’s talk about honorary kittehs. Honorary kittehs are people who do this to cretins, morons, and fuckwads:

The Paw of Doom

The Paw of Doom

Yes, just as John Cole’s cat Tunch applies the mighty Paw of Doom to silly doggies who think they can just poke their cold noses anywhere they want, honorary kittehs apply the same basic technique to dipshits, bastards, and just general sons of bitches.

And today’s honorary kitteh is… Representative Alan Grayson of Florida, for not backing down on saying that the Republican health care plan is, “don’t get sick” and “if you get sick, die quickly.” When asked for an apology, he raised the middle finger in a Bronx salute. Where the typical Democrat, the moment a Republican speaks harshly to him, gets down on bended knees and starts sucking the Republican’s cock until the Republican moans in ecstasy, Rep. Grayson gave the Republicans a big “Fuck you” and now they’re goddamned well speechless with rage.

The same fucktards who were calling the President a liar (and, ironically, were lying while doing so) are upset as hell that there’s a Democrat willing to call them on their bullshit and say it like it is. Well fuck them, good and hard. And for the rest of you Democrats out there — see how it’s done? Abjectly apologizing the moment some nasty Republican motherfucker whines that you’re being mean to his lying ass gets you nothing. Less than nothing. Meanwhile, Grayson says donations to his re-election campaign are pouring in. Because, you see, the American people didn’t vote for Democrats in order to have Democrats suck goddamned Republican dick. Shit, they woulda just elected Republicans if they wanted a bunch of dick-sucking spineless assholes in office. They elected Democrats to fucking take names and kick ass, and it’s a pity Grayson appears to be the only Democrat who “gets it” right now.



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