Posted by: rudekitty | September 30, 2009

Crown Princess of Denial

One of the hilarious things about people-watching at Wal-Mart is the varying levels of delusion that the people shopping there have. For example, here’s one woman who apparently thinks she is still as young and slim as Britney Spears was back when Britney burst upon the music scene:

Is that you, Britney?

Is that you, Britney?

Maybe Britney Spears of five years from now, after she finishes ballooning up to her full white trash size, but Jesus Christ on a hairball, lady, put some fucking clothes on, you’re making my eyes hurt! If the previous photo was of the Queen of Denial, this surely is the crown princess, though if we’re talking Wal-mart she’s maybe on the petite side. But she looks as ridiculous as this stylin’ mullet head:

Mullet alert!

Mullet alert!

Yes indeed, if you are looking for some inbred white trash fat asses all you gotta do is head down to Wally World and you shall be satisfied. Or apalled.

For some reason, I thought of this incident when looking at those two train wrecks…
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Or perhaps Sparky was just looking at this web site and is staring in horror at those photos above? This rude kitty thinks maybe so!



  1. one word-nasty!


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