Posted by: rudekitty | September 30, 2009

An abortion of logic

This kitty took a spin past Inbred Redneck Cretins States dot Com and discovered that the right wing is apparently holding a circle-jerk about the notion that an insurance company after healthcare reform might actually pay for an abortion, frothing at the mouth and babbling like a buncha Pentecostals in the grip of lunacy as they jerk each other’s wands about how bad that would be. At which point, this kitty asks what the fuck? Abortion is legal. What goddamned business is it of government to come in and tell an insurance company that it can’t damn well pay for any legal medical procedure that its customers want covered as part of their insurance contract? What next, the tighty righties start frothing at the mouth over insurance companies paying for flu vaccinations because everybody knows that flu vaccines are actually how the government inserts microdots under your skin to track you with via their fleet of black helicopters? It’s fucking insane!

But of course the whole point is that these evil-ass motherfuckers want to get by subterfuge what they can’t damn well get at the ballot box or in the courts, given that they get their fucking asses pussy-whipped and slapped silly every time they propose banning abortion outright. You’ll notice that the majority of these assholes are men. Which ought to disqualify them from talking about abortion in the first place, I mean, what the fuck, they ain’t got a cunt, why the fuck they care what a doctor sticks up a woman’s cunt? Maybe they’re a bunch of cowardly pussies, but they ain’t got pussies, other than any kitties in their households there only to puke up hairballs into their shoes (’cause you damn well know that some asshole like Representative Boner is as big a fucking jerkwad at home as he is in the halls of Congress and no self-respecting kitteh would ever let him get away with that).

But of course that’s the whole point, that they got swinging dicks and women don’t so they think they’re supposed to be able to rule over women and make women their bitches. It’s all about control, about turning women into mindless brainless servants who splat out babies on a regular basis to replenish the ranks of evil-ass motherfuckers who got black cesspools of reeking evil where their hearts are suppose to be. That’s what this is all about. LBJ freed their nigger slaves, and society as a whole freed their women slaves, and they’re fucking *pissed* that they ain’t got no slaves anymore, and all this shit about abortion? It’s all about control, of course — how dare those uppity women think that they, not swinging fucking dicks, should control how and when they should splat babies out like giant shit turds!



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