Posted by: rudekitty | September 29, 2009

Queen of Denial

Just Call Her Tiny

Just Call Her Tiny

Okay, kittens, describe the above lady. She’s a lady. She’s black. She’s big. She’s fat. Pretty goddamned accurate, you would think.

But the bitch got upset about the word ‘fat’ used to describe her. What the fuck was the clerk supposed to use to describe her. He couldn’t use her name — she refused to provide it. He couldn’t see her car clearly so couldn’t use her car to describe her. So he did the best he could and described her using as descriptive of terms as a gas pump jockey can dredge out of the tiny thing that counts as his “mind”. She’s fat! Why the fuck would she be insulted by the truth?

This kitty will never understand these monkeys and their insistence upon denying reality…



  1. Using the word ‘fat’ is a value judgment. Not all people use the word the same way. Some folks might consider someone 20 lbs overweight as fat.

    Extremely Obese would be another clinical way to describe her fat ass. Oops..did I say that?


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