Posted by: rudekitty | September 28, 2009

The meaning of life

Eat, Fuck, Kill

Eat, Fuck, Kill

That’s it, kittens. That’s all there is. Eat, fuck, kill. Everything else — playing, sleeping, whatever — is just preparation for doing one of those three things. Existence is just a case of doing what’s needed to get the next generation off and running, then you die. And when you’re dead, you’re dead. You’ve “gone to Jesus” only in that both you and Jesus got your bodies eaten up by worms and have gone back to being soil again.

As a kitty, I find it hilarious that monkeys let themselves be deluded into thinking there’s something *after* their current life. It lets the cocksucker elites who rule them rape them up the ass good and hard all life long, and these stupid-ass “believers” smugly say to themselves, “that’s okay, I’ll get ALL the goodies when I go to Happy Candy Land after I die, and the fuckers ass-raping me will go to the Land of Bad Breath and Hemorrhoids!” Uhm, no, stupid ass motherfuckers. All that happens when you die is that you’re fucking *dead*. You let yourself get fucked up the ass all life long because you’re dumber than a fucking box of rocks, and your ruling elites are just laughing their fucking ass off at your gullibility and stupidity. Because they know as long as your stupid fucking ass is looking forward to Happy Candy Land, you ain’t fucking storming their goddamned mansions and stringing their ass-raping cocks via rope from the nearest oak tree like those venal ass-fuckers deserve.

I swear, monkeys might got brains, but us kitties got common sense. We know what life is all about. Eat, fuck, kill. That’s it. And if you monkeys weren’t so fucking gullible, you’d realize that too, and put an end to all the bullshit where a small number of you ass-fucks the rest of you all day long and all night long and laughs and laughs and laughs while they do it and all you do is say “that’s okay, I’m going to Happy Candy Land!” If you dumb fucks were any dumber, you’d be dogs.

I am the Rude Kitty, and I have meowed.



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