Posted by: rudekitty | September 26, 2009

From a tiny acorn stupid grows

I’ve been trying to understand this ACORN nonsense all week. From what I understand, a couple of ACORN workers were caught on videotape being stupid and giving bad advice to a couple of folks who was tellin’ tall tales about what big play-ahs in illegal shit they was in the ‘hood when they were actually a couple of conservative film nerds. At which point this kitty says, “what the fuck?” because stupid ain’t against the law — else Glenn Beck’s entire goddamned viewership would be in the Big House, doing hard time for their rest of their lives, because the stupid shits ain’t got as much combined goddamned brains as my friend George the Cat’s goddamned hairballs — and giving bad advice? Fuck, if everybody who ever gave bad advice went to jail, who would not be in jail?

So what the fuck is going on, people? That’s all it boils down to? Not a single goddamned crime anywhere in fucking sight, and we’re supposed to fucking crucify these poor bastards even though, well, THEY DID NOT COMMIT A CRIME?!

Next time some fucktard brings this up, remind them: GIVING BAD ADVICE IS NOT A FUCKING CRIME! And neither is failing to report a crime. There is NO GODDAMNED LAW ANYWHERE ON THE BOOKS REQUIRING REGULAR CITIZENS TO REPORT A CRIME! And BEING FUCKING STUPID IS NOT A CRIME. So we’re supposed to barbecue ACORN even though they didn’t break a single goddamned law, didn’t commit a single fucking crime, because… oh well, we all know the reason for that. They’re fucking BLACK, that’s what. It’s just goddamned nigger-knocking, that’s all it is, and these fuckwit bastards in the press that got all the fucking balls of a box of dominos ain’t got the fucking balls to call it what the fuck it is, instead they put on the fucking hoods themselves and go to lynching alongside the hooded fuckwits.

Gah. Monkeys. The stupid never stops.
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