Posted by: rudekitty | September 25, 2009

Today’s Golden Hairball award winner

Yes, kittens, it’s time for today’s Golden Hairball Award for the dickwad of the week. And today’s dickwad is… that weepy fraud, Glenn Beck!

Glenn, here’s your award. Please show me to your closet so I can give it to you in person, preferably in your black wing-tip shoes:

The Golden Hairball Award

The Golden Hairball Award

So what won the award for this asshole? Well, chose your poison. This crazy-ass motherfucker has been riling up his 2 million or so viewers to do some pretty stupid shit, like old prunes shouting keep your goddamned government hands off my Medicare! Not that his followers are the brightest bulb in the chandelier to begin with — oh what the fuck, they’re dumber than a goddamned house plant (mmm, houseplant, just the thing to help me puke up Glenny-poo’s award! You didn’t want that houseplant anyhow, did you?) — but he’s got them going to the point where they’re actually acting on their stupidity, which is scary as all fuck because when you get stupid-ass morons marching in favor of some cause they don’t understand, crazy happens. Crazy as in, maybe killing a Census worker who they think is recording their info in order to send them to a FEMA internment camp. Yeah, that kind of crazy.

So Glenn Beck gets the Golden Hairball Award today not for any particular act (though that boiling frog stunt certainly was asshattery enough to get it!), but for his entire sordid history of crazy, including the rare event of making Bill O’Liely look like a voice of reason rather than a loudmouth asshole and saying that a man raised by a white mother and white grandparents is an anti-white racist. That kind of crazy deserves an award, this kitty thinks — and the Golden Hairball Award is just the thing!



  1. Golf Clap!!!! I concur o’ rudest of kittehs.


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