Posted by: rudekitty | September 24, 2009

Goodbye kitty

Now, some of you might be getting the notion that I’m kinda down on Americans, given how much I rag on’em. That ain’t my fault. It’s just that if you’re looking for crazy-ass stupidity and ignorance, any Wal-Mart in the United States has more inbred crazy fat-ass cretins per square foot than any other place you can find on this whole goddamned planet.

That said, Americans have no monopoly on being scary crazy-ass bastards. To whit:

This is some scary shit!

This is some scary shit!

No no, not the AK-47. That’s just a gun. The scary part is Hello Kitty. That demented caricature of a kitty cat is just fucking everywhere in Japan. On shoes, on shirts, and guys as well as gals. And on cats too — here’s some cats who are gonna be leaving hairballs in their owner’s shoes for, like, life. And they wear the most outrageous things in public. Like this shirt being worn by a high school girl:

She's easy, I guess

She's easy, I guess

So anyhow, now you’re saying, “what’s the matter with that? Hello Kitty and bad Engrish are harmless.”

Uhm, dudes. These are Japanese — the same sick motherfuckers who did the Rape of Nanking, went charging American soldiers in banzai charges armed with nothing but ceremonial swords once they ran out of ammo, and crashed perfectly good airplanes into aircraft carriers just because they’re crazy sons of bitches. So you think Hello Kitty and bad Engrish are harmless? No, goddamn it, they’re not. What they are is symptoms — symptoms that these sons of bitches are still the same crazy bastards they ever were, even if they have temporarily diverted their attention to trying to kill us all with fuckin’a cute overload rather than bombs and guns.

So, you want to piss off this rude kitty? Just say the words “Hello Kitty”. Cute. Bah. You get any “Hello Kitty” crap near me, it’s gonna come back to you shredded, or at least you’ll know my claws have been at it. Except maybe that AK-47. Dammit, if only I had thumbs, I’d covet that AK-47…



  1. Whoa! I was never fond of the HK shit and seeing it on a rifle bugs the shit outta me.


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