Posted by: rudekitty | September 24, 2009

All the balls of a box of dominos

Digby, who is a helluva lot smarter than this kitty, has a nice article on how the mainstream media is fucking terrified of the right wingers. The right wingers are creating one ginned up “controversy” after another, all targeted at black organizations working in black communities for the most part, but the mainstream press not only never calls the white wingers on their nigger-knocking racist bullshit, but actually runs in fucking terror to cover these fake “controversies”, terror that these white wingers are gonna turn their guns on the mainstream media.

I swear, I got more balls than the whole combined goddamned editorial staffs of the fucking New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, whatevah. And I been fucking *fixed*, goddammit! It’s time for these media assholes to quit their fucking bullshit of cowering in terror of folks who caper around in the woods wearin’ beadsheets at night, and start calling a nigger-knocker what he is: A goddamned racist who is making shit up because he hates black people. This bullshit of being “fair and balanced” and refusing to call a fucking racist what the fuck he is, is just cowardice, and these cowering ninnies ought to either do their fucking jobs, or quit and go to work doing something more fitting to their oh-so-delicate mincing constitutions. Like maybe preschool teacher. Oh what the fuck am I saying, the little shits would give these ninnies a nervous breakdown within three hours time, even a nice young pretty preschool teacher just out of high school (purrrrrr!) has more courage than these ninnies you monkeys call your “press”…



  1. No shit Cisco! Just think what the Brokaw’s and the Rather’s could have done. I fucking knew when rather got called on the bush service thing that he was going to cave and it was all true. Democracy Now was the only choice for the truth that people had a chance at seeing but we’re talking probably less than a percentile. This is fucking brainwashing going on here and more than just propaganda.

    The only thing from the FCC has been the recent article on net neutrality and that’s something. Lets take a vote on the fairness doctrine fuckers.

    Still -the bottom line is that will still got squat on big issues of the day. Accountability is a non-issue. It ain’t coming anytime soon if ever.

    Bush whores on trial? It’s all fucking talk the same shit for years. We have absolutely no control. We are in deep deep shit.

    Screw this get along crap. I’ve found that in smaller blogging venues a kick in the nuts smart ass you be dumb fuck statement short but filled with the truth shuts these bastards up more times than not. Be right-be a smart ass with with some prick thrown in as well works wonders.

    The dims can’t be like that but they could do exactly like you say and it would work just as well at national level.

    I’ll believe when it happens.


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