Posted by: rudekitty | September 23, 2009

It’s monkeys all the way down

World Nut Daily: “I love atheists, they can never answer the question ‘who created the Universe’ if God didn’t?”
Atheist: “Who created God?”
World Nut Daily: “Nobody. God always was, and always will be.”
Atheist: “So if God always was and always will be, and has no creator… why can’t the universe always was and always will be, and have no creator?”

One of the amusing thing about monkeys is their creation of a monkey god who sits on a fucking cloud somewhere and does… what? Hey, kittens, look around you. Does it look to you like this fucked-up world has a “Creator” sitting around watchin’ over things? Maybe if this Creator is the biggest flaming asshole since Bob the Pedophile got circle-fucked by half the goddamned prison, maybe (a read of the Old Testament might support that, but what the fuck?). Then the gibbering monkeys have the audacity to say “it’s monkeys all the way down!” if you ask them, “who created your monkey god?” Well what the fuck, if one entity (their monkey god) can exist forever, why not the universe? What kind of fucking bullshit is this that says the universe needs a creator any more than “God’ does?

Well, unlike the gibbering Jesus cretin above, I can tell you who created their monkey god. Their monkey god was created by their own feverish, gibbering demented imaginations, probably after a few fifths of tequila and a simmering case of the clap that had worms eating their brains. That’s who created their monkey god. Fucking simians confuse their own goddamned biological urging to follow an alpha male with reality. That always ends well, usually about the time one band of simians smites the other band because they created different monkey gods to worship.

So what god does the Rude Kitty worship? What the fuck goddamn asshole question is that, simpering idiot? I’m just a cat, with a brain that weighs a few ounces. I ain’t got three pounds of blubber in my head to make up shit like “gods”. That takes a special kind of moron — a moron who has a brain, but fuckall filling it.



  1. I don’t have any problems with those religious folks that keep their religion to themselves.

    It’s the fucking Theocratic assholes that try to spread their vermin fuckery into our lives via the schools, govt and anything else they can infect. Those batshit crazy fuckwads can kiss my ass and hang from the highest tree.

  2. If I had half the way with words that you do Kitty I might actually be dangerous.

  3. One Fly, you have your own style and I love it dear friend. 😉

  4. Dusty, are you sure you’re not a kitty? Or at least an honorary kitty? A hairball in the shoes would be too fucking nice for those theocratic assholes.

    One Fly, you’re fine with words. There’s a reason I have you blogrolled ;). Just keep calling assholes and morons what the fuck they are, and this kitty will continue to give you thumbs up. Well, if this kitty had thumbs, anyhow. Which is a long-standing gripe, but whatevah.


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