Posted by: rudekitty | September 21, 2009

A troll through the sub-basement of the gene pool

The Rude Kitty enjoys trolling through the sub-basement of the gene pool just to see how cretinous Americans can really be. Today’s first stop was Freeperville, where the Kitty learned that the following person, a truck driver by the name of Harlan Drake, is a left-wing radical who killed an abortion protester because he loved abortions:
Harlan Drake
Somehow, kittens, I doubt that this multi-tatooed unemployed truck driver was a member of ANSWER. Not to mention that he apparently was in the process of killing everybody who had ever peeved him off at any time in his life when the cops caught up to him. I.e., was apparently just some random dude who snapped and went all William Foster on the town, but hey, what the fuck, why would Freetards let facts get in the way of a good circle-jerk all nice and creamy jizzuming all over each other’s faces as they stroke their rods adoringly at the notion of martyrdom. Sorta like those Taliban assholes, except Christian. Sayyy….

Next stop was World Nut Daily, where their editor, Joseph “Batshit crazy” Farah is on a tear about Child Protective Services taking tubby little bastards who look a lot like that photo to the right because their so-called “parents” seem to think shoving thousands of calories of McDonalds shit “food” into their children’s maws every day isn’t going to kill the little shits. Fat Kid Now, the Rude Kitty has never seen a kiddy shove thousands of calories of McDonalds’ shit into his or her maw without Ma and Pa being in on it, it’s not as if kids can earn enough money on their own. And it’s not as if being 300 pounds at 10 years old is healthy for you, that’s a sure-fired path to bein’ dead. But according to World Nut Daily, children are property so if the so-called “parents” want to kill their kid by force-feeding him McDonalds crap for seven days a week, that’s their own business. Fat, stupid, and ugly — that’s World Nut Daily’s notion of how children should be, and how DARE CPS say that no, children ought to have the right to grow up healthy and smart! According to World Nut Daily, if parents want to fuck their children in every orifice that’s their own goddamned business and no business of the gummint! Fucking pedophile assholes.

The kitty’s final stop was Inbred Foul Mouth White Trash Cretins, where we learn that President Obama is a liar when he says he hasn’t followed some kinda fake ACORN scandal that the right-wing circle jerkers have been jerking all over each other about for the past week or so. Sorry, inbred foul mouth white trash cretins — those of us outside your circle jerk just don’t give a flying fuck about how much jizzum you guys are spurting over each other from getting someone to say something stupid. I mean, what the fuck. The surprising thing in the United States of fucking Cretins is finding someone who doesn’t say something stupid…



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