Posted by: rudekitty | September 20, 2009

Who could have imagined?

A corrupt Bush Administration official? Who could have ever imagined? Ah yes, Empress Gale Norton of the Department of the Interior, who not only spent eight years fucking the Indians in every orifice by continuing to loot their land trust (though that’s nothing new — every American President back to Teddy Roosevelt has fucked the Indians up every orifice as part of the ongoing genocide of the native Americans by all those goddamned wetbacks who waded across the Atlantic and pushed the residents out of their homes and shit, but oh wait I forget that’s not in the propaganda history books you Americans learn in school so it never happened, what a buncha fucking morons Americans are!), but she also spent some time padding her own nest too?

Wow. A corrupt Bush Administration official. Like, are we supposed to be fucking surprised? The whole goddamned Bush Administration was just one big-ass fuck-circle, and the prone figure they were taking turns fucking up the rear was the American public. And the American public just lay there with a moronic grin on its collective face with not a goddamned thing to say as those poles were slammed home into every orifice over and over and over again other than, “thank you sir, give me more!”.

Should Norton be punished? I don’t see why the hell she should. She only did what the American people, in their moronic bliss, allowed her to do. I mean, as those poles were getting rammed home over and over and over again, what were the American people doing? Well… Issuing death threats to the Dixie Chicks for the crime of stating the obvious, what the fuck do you think they were doing? Yeah, the American people were fucked good and hard, serviced like a stallion serviced a mare, but what the fuck you think shoulda happened if that whole nation of goddamned sheep was bent over with their fucking asses in the air whining, “Thank you sir, give me more”?!



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