Posted by: rudekitty | September 19, 2009

Nobody went broke underestimating…

the taste of the American public. If it’s tasteless, pointless, tacky, or just fucking stupid, Americans lap it up like a buncha Congressional lapdogs at a lobbyist circle-jerk, all creamy and smooth and salty. Case in point:

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Those damned singing fish. I swear, I couldn’t go into any house in Redneckville looking to swipe some kibble from the fat-ass house cats that lived there without one of those goddamned fish just startin’ up and singing nonsense at me. It was like a goddamned horror show of bad taste, I tell ya. Here, here’s one of the many variants that you’d see:

Somehow, fishy-poo, I don’t think you’re gonna do much survivin’, fish out of water mounted on plaques ain’t too goddamn good at that. But those fuckwad ratbastards who laugh at this relish their sadism and cruelty, so they think it’s funny. Which it is, I guess, if you’re such a demented fuckwad that you think dead critters singing is funny, but that takes a special kinda crazy — a special kinda crazy which seems to be typical in America today. Goddamned crazy fucking bastards with nukes. Jesus fucking Christ on a hairball, what did we kitties do to deserve getting put on the planet with crazy fucking monkeys with nukes?!



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