Posted by: rudekitty | September 18, 2009

So much concentrated sucking stupidity…

Only 19% of American high school students know that George Washington was the first President of the US.

Yeah yeah, I know it says “Oklahoma”. But I’ll fucking bet you a dozen cans of tuna and a coupla bags of premium kitty kibble that if you repeated this survey in any other state of the United States of America, you’d get pretty much the same goddamned result. America: The land of the sucking stupidity. How the fuck did you stupid-ass jerkwads ever manage to get to the fucking moon anyhow, given that you got all the brains of a bowl of Nine Lives Liver Flavor?!

Oh right, I forgot, you needed a motherfucking Nazi war criminal to get to the moon, and once he was gone, all that his piss-for-brains students could manage was a half-assed space plane that was more expensive to fly than just sticking the fucking payload on the end of a rocket and that has a bad habit of blowing up in mid-flight, and now you guys can’t even design a new rocket similar to Von Braun’s Saturn V even though you have access to better technology today because you have such a goddamned case of the sucking stupids. Just like you needed a buncha European Jews to design your fucking nuclear arsenal for you. Because unless you import talent to actually design your spaceships and guns and computers and crap (fuck, you ever been to the Silicon Valley? Everybody who ain’t Indian from India there, is Chinese!), you’re just a buncha fucking morons who can’t do shit for yourself except sell overpriced real estate to each other, and shit, you ain’t even good at that, just look at what you morons did to your economy over the past year with that?

But what the fuck, just keep shouting “USA! USA! We’re Number One!” and waving your dicks around like a buncha gibbering chimpanzees even though the only thing you’re number one in is sucking stupidity (well, that and number one in your ability to kill lots of people, but fuck, it doesn’t take a whole lot of brains to kill lots of people, goddamned flu viruses do it every fucking year and they ain’t got the collective brain that God gave a turnip). Reality? You fucking monkeys wouldn’t know reality if it reached up and bit you on the ass.




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