Posted by: rudekitty | September 18, 2009

Friday Hairball Blogging

I notice that liberal blogs have this thing where they blog about something on Fridays. Cats, or boobies, or cattle dogs, or whatever. Well, I blog about cats every day — duh, what the fuck you think this blog is all about, it’s about cats making fun of monkeys — so “Friday cat blogging” would be just another day.

So instead I’m going to make Friday my awards day, where I give the following award to the dickwad of the week:

The Golden Hairball Award

The Golden Hairball Award

And today’s dickwad of the week is… Senator Max Baucus. Whose exercise in sucking Wellpoint’s corporate dick resulted in one of the rarest of Congressional achievements: A bill so bad, so rancid, that it makes cat puke look like a fucking Michelangelo sculpture. A bill so bad that it achieves the rare feat of getting both Republicans and Democrats agreeing on one thing in an exercise of bipartisanship not seen since the heyday of Ronald Reagan: this health care “reform” bill fucking sucks monkey dick.

Congratulations, Max, on achieving this rare award. Please point me to your closet so I can give you your award in person, preferably in your black wing-tip shoes. And oh yeah, I hope you fucking get AIDS from sucking so much monkey dick, asshole.



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