Posted by: rudekitty | September 17, 2009

I endorse this rudeness

Read the Rude Pundit on tighty righties criticizing Jimmy Carter for correctly pointing out that they’re racists.

The tighty righties whine when us rude people (and the occasional cat) point out that they’re fucking racist bigotted motherfuckers whose entire objection to Obama is that, well, fuck, he’s a goddammned NIGGER as far as they’re concerned. They whine “can’t someone criticize what Obama says without being called a racist?” You know what? The moment the white-wing bigot motherfuckers start criticizing what Obama says, rather than just making shit up, I’ll agree with them. But as long as these stupid-ass racist motherfuckers are haulin’ around Photoshopped signs showing Obama in whiteface, “Obama Hitler” posters, and made-up nonsense like that? There’s a sayin’, “stupid is as stupid does.” And this rude kitty has a similar saying for those racist motherfuckers: “Racism is as racism does.”

So here’s the deal, in case one of you tighty righties wanders over here (which I doubt will ever happen). You want to quit being called racists? Then start attacking Obama based on his actual policies, not on made up shit like “Obama will give free health care to niggers and spics” and “death panels!”. Like that’s gonna happen, that would require, like, thinking LOL!



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