Posted by: rudekitty | September 16, 2009

Three pound paperweights

Well, we already know about how California destroyed their schools to save a buncha skinflints some money on their property taxes, and Salinas cut down the number of hours their libraries are open to one day a week, and now Philadelpha is shutting down their libraries entirely? What the fuck?

Look, hairless monkeys. Your brain is supposed to be what differentiates you from, well, just plain howling screeching shit-flinging monkeys. Yet you’re willing to spend trillions on wars in some goddamned pestholes overseas that nobody gives a shit about, but can’t find half a million dollars to keep branch libraries open for more than one day a week? Jesus fucking Christ on a shingle, that’s just a crock of shit and you know it. What, you stupid-ass motherfuckers have all gotten a visit from the Angel Moron telling ya that it’s time to be morons? Because to this feral kitty, that’s sure the fuck what it sounds like.



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