Posted by: rudekitty | September 16, 2009

The answer is “No”

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I mean, c’mon. We’re talking about monkeys who are so oblivious to reality that they haul around signs saying Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare and shit (I mean, what the fuck, these stupid-ass jerkwads ain’t figured out that Medicare is, duh, socialized government-provided health insurance?). Phillis is gonna wonder why her alarm clock sounded a bit different (as in, “YOWL!” vs. “Beep Beep Beep!”) and why her attempt to hit the Snooze button caused her to start bleeding from multiple gaping flesh wounds, but notice reality? Fuck, you goddamned monkeys wouldn’t know reality if it raised up and slapped you upside the head until you were gaping in astounded awe at the majesty of it all. Or somethin’ like that, anyhow.



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