Posted by: rudekitty | September 16, 2009

Gullible monkeys

So I got an email today from a “Mrs. Elizabeth Park” that said I’d been a victim of a Nigerian scam, and I ought to do like her and apply to the Nigerian government for compensation. And she helpfully gave me the mailing address of a lawyer in Nigeria willing to fill out the paperwork for me for *only* $420. And my question is: Are there really monkeys so fucking stupid that they’ll fall for that line of horseshit?

Oh nevermind, of course there are really monkeys that fucking stupid, else these Nigerian spam scams wouldn’t keep showing up in my inbox.

Meanwhile, I suggest you go see what happens if you hold out some food to a feral kitty and tell him you’ll give it to him if he lets you pet him. Ain’t a feral in the world who would fall for that line. You give him the food, or you don’t give him the food, but he sure the fuck ain’t giving you anything beforehand, whether it’s “only” $420 for an application fee or whatever. Amazing. A kitty with a brain the size of a goddamned almond is fucking smarter than a monkey with a brain that weighs pounds. What do you moron monkeys have up there, anyhow — fat?



  1. OMFG! Y ou’re so wonderfully RUDE! I must blogroll you. Will you blogroll me in return? I’ll be nice (as long as I can, I promise).

  2. Sure I’ll blogroll you, why the fuck not. Ferals have to hang together. As for nice, look at my portrait again. Do I look like I give a flying fuck about nice? That’s a four letter word I got no use for. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Well, I’d blogroll you if WordPress wasn’t blowing fucked toasters right now, it takes me to an error message every time I try to add you in. If you don’t show up in a day or so, drop me a meow.


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